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How many people can High Trenhouse accommodate overnight?


21 single occupancy people can comfortably sleep at High Trenhouse, or up to 28 based on some people sharing. 


Can I use the surrounding grounds of High Trenhouse?


Absolutely! High Trenhouse has 3.25 acres of land at your disposal, including ponds, open spaces, woodland, intimate gardens and secluded corners. You are free to use these grounds to your preference. 


Does High Trenhouse have a licence for weddings? 


High Trenhouse will soon be launching a wedding venue hiring service. You can make enquiries about this by contacting us directly on 0333 11 22 747


How does High Trenhouse remain environmentally friendly?


High Trenhouse is surrounded in undisturbed nature, which is thoroughly nurtured by the High Trenhouse team. Food for catering is locally sourced, and waste management is ethical and eco-friendly. We also take measures to conserve energy, minimise the use of technology and keep the environment as close to nature as possible. 


What are the spa facilities at High Trenhouse?


High Trenhouse offers a spacious sauna for any guest to use. There are also wide open spaces for outdoor wellness such as yoga, pilates or walking therapies. 


Will other guests be staying at High Trenhouse during my stay?


No. Unlike similar venues, you are given exclusive access to the premises, including the surrounding grounds, for the entirety of your stay.


Do I need to provide my own food and drink?


No. High Trenhouse is a fully catered facility, meaning you do not need to bring any food or drink with you. It has two fully stocked bars, dining area and chef on site, all included in the price of your booking. Please remember to tell us of any dietary requirements. Fully vegetarian and vegan menus are available.


What happens if the premises close due to Covid?


In the unlikely event of a temporary closure due to Covid-19, any booking made for those dates will be fully refunded or transferred to new dates. 


Does High Trenhouse accommodate religious events?

Absolutely. Anyone, from any background, culture or religion, can use the premises for an event. We cannot, however, accommodate religious events with specific licensing requirements. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. 


Are there public transport links?


The nearest railway station is Settle. We are happy to collect from Settle train station. Please arrange this with us in advance. 


Is High Trenhouse pet friendly?


We can permit certain pets, depending on the circumstances. Please make an enquiry directly. 


Does High Trenhouse have disability access?


As an 18th century building, there are some barriers to making it 100% disability accessible. However, progress is being made and should you need any form of disability access, whether it be physical, mental, or hidden, please speak to us in advance. 

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