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5 Reasons to Leave the City and Visit the Countryside

A lot of people who live in cities ask why they would ever leave? After all, what are the benefits of visiting the countryside? They have everything they need only a short walk away and everything is so efficiently run that they get to work on the tube or the bus or the train as easy as anything. But living in a city can have drawbacks, especially to both your physical and mental health.

One of the first things our visitors tell us here at High Trenhouse is how truly refreshing it is to spend time amongst nature and to get away from the city. But don’t take our word for it.

Let’s take a look at 5 key reasons to leave the city and visit the countryside.

1. Time to Recharge

Burnout is a genuine issue that lots of professional corporate workers deal with every single day. We’ve all heard about it, we all know about it, but too few of us actually do anything about it. Sometimes we’re feeling overworked and tired for weeks, and that’s when you really need some time to recharge. But how do you recharge your batteries and return to work feeling refreshed?

The countryside is the preferred recharge destination for a reason. Being one with nature, waking up to birds singing instead of traffic, is therapeutic and positive for your mental health. The air is clean from pollution, and you’ll find it becomes a pleasure just to breathe it in. You can gaze into the beauty of the natural world, smell the earth and listen to how a stream skips over the rocks. Your mind will be off work and instead be focused on all of your senses. All of which allows you to become one with your environment and clear your mind, giving you renewed motivation and drive for your city life.

2. Digital Detox

This one is similar to number 1, but important on its own. We all know that there are endless streams of distractions that pile on top of each other on our multiple devices, and sometimes we just need to unplug. Without these distractions, you may find your focus has actually improved, tiredness evaporated, and you feel happier. When you go to the countryside, try not to look at your phone, or even take it. You’re the one there to recharge, not your phone. How beneficial is a digital detox for your mental wellbeing?

You’ll find you can live just as well without access to the internet as before, and actually the physical benefits will be plain to see in your mood, your energy and your outlook (if you’ll pardon the pun). Not only that, but your mind will feel clearer, less foggy and more focused on your work.

3. The Space to Explore

Have you ever seen a field in a city? And no, I’m not talking about football pitches crammed between concrete buildings. I’m talking about a real, genuine field with grass on it. Breaking news, the countryside has lots of fields. It has lots of streams, trees, flowers, rivers, lakes, mountains, and wildlife.

How does spending time in the countryside benefit your wellbeing? Now, as a city liver, when was the last time you asked Google for a way to get somewhere, and it didn’t know? And you had to use an actual paper map. Does this take you out of your comfort zone? If so, then good! If you don’t explore things out of your comfort zone, then how will you improve as a person? And the sense of accomplishment you get when you successfully traverse and conquer nature, literally climbing mountains, to go from one small village to another is truly remarkable, and you’ll feel more independent than when you try to beat the estimated time Google Maps has set for you back in your city.

4. Friendlier People

Can you imagine if you walked past someone on the street of your city and they said “Hello!” What would you think of them? Would the term ‘stranger danger' cross your mind? At the very least, you’d expect that they want something from you. In the countryside, mostly because there aren’t that many people, everyone pretty much greets anyone they walk past. Not only that, but if you need help you’ll probably get it without having to offer anything in return. Be it directions or a drink, we’re all people who deserve to be treated like people. That’s the culture of the countryside.

5. Slow Pace

Time seems to move quicker in cities and slower in the country. It’s strange because obviously time is the same, but by being used to all the distractions of urban areas it means that when you go to the countryside you feel like more time has elapsed when actually it hasn’t, meaning you can actually do more. Not only that, but the slow pace of nature allows time for reflection and reduces stress. Remember, this is your time, and in the country you have more of it.

Host Your Next Event With Us

So there are 5 reasons to leave the city and visit the country, and where better than with us?

Be it two guests or 28, the facilities at High Trenhouse are specifically designed to ensure that you have everything you need to relax and recharge. Whether it’s our countryside access giving you the space to go on as many walks as you please or our fully stocked bar, conference rooms, rustic accommodation or our sauna. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in our establishment for yourself or, if you’re looking for a location to run your own personal development course, we’re the perfect place for you.

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