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5 Ways to Boost Your Wellness Business

The age of wellness is upon us. More and more people are looking at their own mental health and wellbeing and realising something doesn’t quite add up. We all need to spend more time focussed on ourselves and if we can only thank COVID-19 for one thing, it’s giving us that mindset. As much as 66% of the global population have acknowledged their wellness and are paying more attention to it. With that said, there has been an influx of wellness focused businesses and as such the competition is high.

But, there are a number of things you can do to boost your wellness business and today we’re going to give you 5 of our favourites.

Build a Community

When a business becomes more than a business, it grows. Whether that’s becoming a household brand, a go-to service provider or a thriving community, businesses strive to reach that level. Now building a community is easier said than done, but you can facilitate that process. One great way is to set up a private members group on a platform such as Facebook where your customers can converse and share information. It’s important to let the community grow organically and to stay out of it as much as you can after the initial stages.

Connect with Influential People

Regardless of the reputation ‘influencers’ seem to have in the general public, there’s no doubting their potential to help you grow a business. An estimated 61% of consumers trust influencers and their recommendations, putting your business in a great position should you choose to work with one. What’s more, not all influencers will blow through your marketing budget. Nano influencers have smaller audiences and a smaller reach, but they can still have thriving networks and offer your business incredible value.

Show Your Passion

Wellness is something that for most people is deeply personal. When someone visits a bank to apply for a loan they’re looking for trust and security. But when they approach a business focused on wellness, they’re looking for a personal touch, someone who’s going to take care of them and someone who genuinely cares about wellness. If you’re a one-person organisation you’re probably already showing up with the passion you need every day. Though if you’re a larger business or looking to hire, make sure you seek out that passion as a requirement for potential employees.

Be Clear About What You Can Offer

A mistake some wellness focussed businesses make is to offer too much. Taking care of your wellness isn’t a one-session affair. Be very clear in your marketing and any conversations you have as to what you can offer an individual. That way, when you deliver on it, they’ll almost certainly recommend you to friends and family.

Host a Wellness Retreat

The ultimate way to boost your wellness business, in our opinion, is by hosting a wellness retreat. Wellness retreats allow your clients to step away from their daily lives and really focus on what you’re going to teach or show to them. But if you really want to make the most of it, host a wellness retreat in nature. Spending time in nature helps to reduce feelings of stress or anger, boosts your physical health, reduces loneliness and a wide range of other positive benefits. In general, wellness retreats allow you to connect face to face with people on a level that a one or two hour session in the city simply cannot.

Host Your Retreat at High Trenhouse

With over 40 years of hosting events at our venue in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, we’re very well placed to support you in your goal of growing your business. Offering 21 bedrooms, 2 fully stocked kitchens and a spa sauna amidst nature, High Trenhouse could be just what you and your clients are looking for. You can find out much more about what High Trenhouse can do for your wellness business here.

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