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How Natural Environments Boost Creativity

The great outdoors is arguably one of the most powerful therapeutic tools in existence. The fresh air brings new life to your mind and body, giving you a new perspective on life itself. Many swear by the value of spending time in nature, and they’re not wrong. Studies have shown that nature can boost creativity by 50% and it can be as simple as taking a countryside walk. Not only that, but the benefits don’t stop there. The exercise and fresh new surroundings do wonders for your physical health too.

At High Trenhouse, we pride ourselves on being situated right amongst nature and believe that it enriches the experience each and every visitor has whilst they’re here with us.

Frequently we’re asked about the best way to run a workshop for clients. So, if you’re planning on hosting a corporate event, delivering a seminar or running a client weekend, where better to situate it than on nature's doorstep? But first, let’s talk more about the benefits, and there are a lot of benefits at hand.

Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Can time spent outdoors improve efficiency for your workshop? Being outdoors in nature literally boosts your cognitive functions. The time you spend outside correlates to improved brain functions. Unsurprisingly, spending more time indoors has the adverse effect. So when you’re considering running an intense workshop or seminar spread over multiple days, the benefits both you and your clients will feel are going to outshine the sun itself. Not to mention how sunlight both mentally and physically boosts happiness on subconscious and conscious levels. Your clients will genuinely just be happier when spending time outside in between seminars, leading to more productive sessions and greater long term benefits.

Amongst other things, the venue at High Trenhouse is designed so that you can make use of both our conference room and the beautiful outdoors that surround our converted farm. Why not try a guided meditation session out by one of our many ponds or try out a walking meeting, where your clients take a walk around our grounds whilst discussing their learnings?

Nature Helps to Reduce Stress

How do you reduce stress at a workshop? Some of us may remember certain seminars, workshops or corporate events we’ve attended as being dreadfully stressful and draining both emotionally and physically. Chances are, those events were spent primarily in stuffy office buildings surrounded by a number of other stuffy office buildings. But those are in the past because nature is the natural stress reducer. Spending time in nature and viewing beautiful scenery can reduce emotions such as stress, anger and fear whilst providing significant boosts to more welcome feelings.

Not only does nature have an incredible impact on your mental health but it helps reduce physical strain that may come from your average work retreat. Muscle tension from sitting in chairs all day can be reduced by spending breaks among the trees, blood pressure is reduced and your heart rate lowers. There are many studies showing that even just a single plant in your home office can massively reduce stress and anxiety. Imagine what hosting a seminar in the countryside would do? At High Trenhouse, we consistently receive feedback from our visitors about how they left feeling less stressed and more relaxed. Even those who had just attended an intense seminar or workshop spanning multiple days.

Whilst nature is of course very important, your clients also need additional entertainment and facilities. Many guests first ask us ‘what facilities do I need to run a workshop?’. A fully catered facility is an excellent starting point. At High Trenhouse we have not only an on-site chef, a dining area but also two fully stocked bars. All of which is included in the price of your booking as well as being ethically and locally sourced. What’s more, we support your workshop with a sauna, intimate gardens, 21 bedrooms, a combined lounge and more.

The Very Concept of Nature

While less scientific than the above reasons, just being in a beautiful location surrounded by nature will invoke positive feelings within your clients on a very conscious level. We’ve all felt amazing when being treated to something we enjoy. Whether that be something similar such as a holiday or retreat, or just something as simple as a small gift to reward hard work. Your clients will never forget the time you took them on a retreat to a luxury retreat with state of the art facilities tailored to your every need.

At this stage, most of our visitors want to know ‘how much will it cost to host a workshop?’. As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. Whilst some local office based conference rooms may offer a cheaper alternative to High Trenhouse, they certainly don’t offer the additional benefits that come from hosting your event amongst nature itself. Of course, we’d be happy to discuss the range of pricing options we offer to suit your event and the needs of your clients.

Host Your Next Event In The Great Outdoors

High Trenhouse connects you and your clients with nature, allowing you to cultivate wellbeing throughout your retreats, courses, events and workshops.

Located in the stunningly charming Yorkshire Dales, our 21 bedroom facility has everything your event needs from two fully stocked bars and conference facilities. As well as a sauna, dining area and of course, 3.25 acres of the great outdoors for you and your clients to enjoy.

If your next event needs a dash more of charm and a whole lot more nature, we have everything necessary to help you run the most memorable event your clients will ever experience. Get in touch with us to learn more about the location of your next event.

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