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How Sustainable Living Reduces Stress

For those of you that don’t already know, Sustainable Living is a type of lifestyle focused on reducing an individual’s use of natural resources from the Earth. The general idea is that just by changing a few little things, such as stopping buying bottled water, composting your food and avoiding washing your clothes in hot water, you’re making a difference in protecting our ecosystem and preserving resources for future generations. As well as this, living sustainably actually improves the quality of our own lives, thus reducing stress. So, how can we live more sustainably and how can we reduce stress? Let’s find out right now.

Here at High Trenhouse, we believe in sustainable living. As such, our facilities are focused around living sustainably amongst nature and our visitors are always thrilled to experience this newer, cleaner way of living. We help you run a variety of events, workshops, retreats and more.

Physical Well Being

This one might sound like an obvious one, but it’s probably still worth mentioning. Alternative methods of transport are an important part of living sustainably. When you forgo the cars and motorbikes, really anything that uses fossil fuels, including buses and trains, you will find that you’re now exercising and still getting wherever you’re going. Walking, running, cycling and skating are all physical activities that improve your cardiovascular health among other things.

Everyone is looking to have some sustainability in their lives; nobody wants to be responsible for damaging our environment, but we want to have clear reasons that benefit us. Think about driving to a gym, paying for the petrol, running on an electric machine and then driving home again. You’re paying for the gym and the petrol and getting the same return as running or cycling in the park for free. Again, it’s an obvious statement, but one that often needs reminding.

Also being mindful of what you eat and the associated carbon footprint is an effective way to live sustainably. There are reasons why some people choose a vegetarian or vegan diet and a main one is down to the low carbon footprint in these types of food. As well as this, a plant-based diet is full of minerals, vitamins, and proteins that your body needs in order to support your physical wellbeing.

Social Well Being

How do you improve your social wellbeing? Living a life as part of a welcoming community does wonders for mental health, so much so that the life expectancy compared to someone who lives a more isolated life is counted in decades rather than individual years. And there is certainly a community aspect to sustainable living, and there really needs to be.

Pursuing sustainable goals requires a huge effort from lots of people working together and so events to meet more like-minded people are extremely common and can act as a support when you’re experiencing burnout or stress. Your mental wellbeing is positively affected too.

Spiritual Well Being

How can you improve your spiritual wellbeing? Being in nature can provide a massive sense of relief or comfort that is connected to spirituality in many different ways, with our natural environments providing us with a place for reflection and mindfulness. Having the commitment to live a more sustainable life can help to maintain ecosystems, preserving them so that they will always be here for us to relax and destress. Maybe next time you take a walk, use it to reflect and find comfort within yourself.

Other people may find spirituality as seeing meaning in their day-to-day actions, such as taking the time to sit outside, taking a 20-minute walk to the shop instead of a 5-minute car journey, or making and retaining sustainable choices like recycling or eating vegan.

Either way, by making these positive decisions your life will inevitably become more positive, and therefore stress becomes much less of an issue. When it comes to a positive and sustainable mindset, there isn’t anything that can stop us.

Make Your Next Workshop Sustainable

How do you organise a health and wellness workshop? It’s a question we get asked a lot. One we’re more than happy to answer. Here at High Trenhouse, our facilities are specifically designed to ensure that you have a calm and relaxed time in the charming Yorkshire Dales and can see just how beautiful our sustainable world can be. Planning the workshop begins with understanding your goal, what do you want to achieve? What do your clients want to get out of it? First you need to consider this, then, how you’re going to make it a reality. Fortunately, our highly trained staff will be on hand at all times to ensure the event runs smoothly, so you’ll never be alone.

So if you’re looking to run a workshop, event, seminar or course in a sustainable way, speak with us to learn more about what High Trenhouse can offer.