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How to Make Your Key Clients Feel Special

Sometimes the personal development training you offer can only go so far, and might not yield the desired focus and attention that it deserves to have. To really have the impact you know you can have on your clients, they need to be fully immersed in the training. How do you make your clients feel special? How do you ensure that they’re relaxed in a calm environment, that they feel valued and absorb all the positive effects from the course. No matter the duration or the participation of the course, there are things you can do to create a better environment for everyone involved, and let them go home refreshed and improved, thanks to you.

Here at High Trenhouse, we’ve been helping people just like you run events since the 1980’s and helping to make your clients feel special. In our fully stocked facility, we have everything you need to run an event for your clients. From a fully stocked bar and conference rooms, to rustic accommodation, full catering and a sauna. Not to mention the fact we’re situated in the stunning Yorkshire Dales and your clients will have every opportunity to enjoy it.

Let’s look at some positive things to change up that will make your key clients feel special.

Take Them to the Countryside

When it comes to wellness and self improvement training, the environment you’re in can actually be one of the most important parts of the sessions. To make the course effective, people need to be relaxed, and there’s only so much relaxation one can experience in a typical leisure centre.

That’s why a lot of silent retreats or multi day personal development courses are arranged in the middle of the beautiful English countryside, so that the training, meditating and reflection is all that can be focused on. Immersing yourself in a calming environment has clear effects on reducing stress and becoming more mindful of the world around you, and it makes for a better and more memorable experience for your clients.

Not only that, but you can be creative with the exact locations you conduct your training. Maybe go rogue and ask everyone to pack their bags for a hike to the mountain to meditate at the very top of it. The countryside is very freeing, we all know that, and activities like this will promote a sense of community and build team working skills. Ultimately improving the memorability of the training and the positive lasting impacts.

How much will it cost to run an event in the countryside? Now, this is likely going to cost more than your average city based office space up to rent for a few days. However, the benefits of taking your clients away from the hustle and bustle of the city is certainly going to make them feel special, if nothing else. And we’re willing to bet it’s going to have all kinds of short and long term benefits for not just your relationship with your clients, but the clients themselves.

Be Friendly

Despite some corporate bosses that think otherwise, you can’t really get through to somebody without being friendly. How do you apply this to training? Positivity should be at the forefront of your mind when delivering training, and your positivity will move through the course and affect the participants. With the stress of our day to day lives, it’s important to remember that your clients are people and deserve to be treated as such, with respect and dignity. Without that, you can’t expect them to completely listen to you, and you can’t expect their experience to be as positive as it should have been.

Wellness and personal development courses focus a lot on improving relationships, and you want to have an individual relationship with everyone there so that you can really have the impact on them that you’re looking for. Some people will be fully into the course and others will be questioning whether it’s for them or not, it’s up to you to get through to them. And like we said before, the environment they’re immersed in is a good way of getting through to people, and people in the countryside tend to be very friendly and that only adds to the overall positivity that you’ve cultivated.

Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Next Event

Here at High Trenhouse, we specialise in hosting silent retreats, personal development and wellness courses. Be it two guests or 28, our facilities are specifically designed to ensure that you have everything you need to run your course successfully. From excellent conferencing and accommodation facilities to our 2 luxurious bars and a sauna. Not to mention acres worth of beautiful scenery in the Yorkshire Dales.

Get in touch with us to find out more about running your next event.