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How To Run A Teambuilding Workshop

So, you’re looking to run a teambuilding workshop? Great!

First question, how do you run a successful teambuilding workshop?

Here at High Trenhouse, we host a large range of teambuilding workshops from groups all over the UK. Our facilities are designed specifically to accommodate for team building need set against the beautiful backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales.

Many businesses look to run teambuilding workshops to strengthen their team dynamics, fill gaps and ultimately, create a better, more efficient and happier team. While that may seem a daunting task to achieve, once you break it down it’s actually much simpler than it appears.

Here are some useful stats to show you how effective teambuilding can be.

  • Feelings of employee isolation reduce productivity up to 21%. Therefore, teambuilding helps to combat isolation and by extension, boosts productivity.

  • Socialising between team members improves communication by more than 50%.

  • Team performance is best among teams that communicate in informal situations.

  • When employees feel their opinions count, companies could benefit from a 27% decrease in turnover rate, 40% decrease in safety incidents, and 12% increase in productivity.

Set Expectations at the Start

One of the major issues many teambuilding workshops face is the lack of clear, defined outcomes. Some business owners will send their team off on an expensive workshop without considering anything further than “building a stronger team”. As a result, not much actually happens.

How do you set expectations for a teambuilding workshop? You should at the very least discuss with the business owner or manager what they expect from their team after the workshop. That way, you can effectively plan the workshop out in order to ensure that everyone leaves having had an incredibly valuable experience. Ultimately, you want to understand exactly what your client wants to achieve. Whether this is to strengthen relationships between management teams, improve communication or just to inspire trust within their employees. With this knowledge, you can design your workshop around your clients to ensure that at the end of it, they get what they want from it and drastically increase the chances of said client bringing return or referral business. Win win win.

Try Something New

How do I plan an interesting teambuilding workshop? A lot of teambuilding workshops rely on the same tried and tested, but ultimately ineffective techniques. Every team is different and within every team, are wildly different people with their own lives and personalities. What worked for the last group may not work for the current group and it’s going to show. Whilst some may enjoy trust falls and open and honest discussions, others may benefit from more physical activities that force the team to work closely together.

Some clients may have been on a number of teambuilding days and you’re not going to impress them by running the same workshop they’ve seen before. You can always ask them what they expect out of the event and get some ideas from the client themselves. Often, business owners will already have expectations of you and the team building event. They may just not say it until you ask. At the end of the day, what will set your workshop apart from every other generic teambuilding workshop available online.

Choose a Venue That Inspires Clients

How do you run an unforgettable teambuilding workshop? While many teambuilding workshops are run in the client’s offices, this may be more detrimental than beneficial. Getting away from the office isn’t just fun, but it allows teams to separate their minds from work and focus on enjoying the event. From a financial standpoint, clients may prefer to bring someone into a space they already pay for. But, it’s important to let them know exactly why this could have a negative impact on their team building expectations. Especially if those expectations are high.

If you choose a location that will actually enhance the team building aspect of the workshop, it shouldn’t be too difficult to show the benefits to your client.

Incorporate Nature in your Team Building Workshop

Nature provides a great number of benefits to those who spend time amongst it. From reduced stress and anxiety levels to better mental and physical well being, nature does everything our drab and dull offices cannot. Many successful team building workshops are run in nature. Whether that be a woodland retreat or a day at the beach. Consider how the outcome for your clients will be enhanced by choosing the most beneficial location for everyone involved.

Need a Beautiful, Spacious Venue?

High Trenhouse is situated amongst the picturesque Yorkshire Dales with some of the most beautiful scenery the UK has to offer. This 21 bedroom, fully equipped facility has conference rooms, 2 bars, accommodation, dining rooms and of course, a sauna to decompress within. Not to mention 3.25 acres of stunning woodlands.

If you’re considering nature for your next team-building workshop, why not give us a call and we can discuss what High Trenhouse can offer you and your clients.

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