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Mind and Body Exercises for Better Career Performance

Anxiety plays a big part in reducing our effectiveness in our careers. I know what you might be thinking: “I’m not an anxious person.” Well, you may think that, but other common ways to describe anxious people are ‘worried,’ ‘on edge,’ ‘stressed out,’ ‘distracted’ and ‘nervous.’ The truth is we all feel anxious at work, whether we’re working to meet a deadline, trying to find a solution to a disagreement of ideas or just the day to day running of your own business.

How do we combat anxiety? One of the most powerful ways to combat anxiety is to consistently work on building your resilience and mental strength. Eventually, you’ll start to learn to appreciate or even welcome certain kinds of mistakes for all the new information they bring you, and you can use this in both your personal and professional life from that moment on.

Our facilities, situated in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, are fully equipped to help you and your clients through mind and body exercises in order to find better mental balance and better career performance. Equipped with fully catered dining rooms, 2 fully stocked bars, rustic accommodation and a sauna among other things, High Trenhouse is designed for events that combat anxiety and much more.

So how do we develop the skills needed to combat anxiety?

Reflecting and Visualising Positive Outcomes

The art of reflection is something we all should learn to do effectively as it really has a strong impact on how we perceive both ourselves and our journeys. So at the end of each day, take a moment and look back on the events you’ve just lived through, taking each one individually, and try and visualise the most positive outcome of that. Not just something you’d be okay with, but ask yourself: what’s the best thing that could actually happen?

Instead of setting your expectations to unrealistic levels, this should actually build the muscle of expecting the positive outcome and might even open up ideas for what more you might do to create that outcome of your dreams. It potentially becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, where you see the best thing that could happen, and so do what you can to make it a reality.

Turning Anxiety into Progress

How do you reduce anxiety at work? I’m sure you, like everyone, have heard that the brain is a muscle and needs to be trained and exercised to learn and operate at optimum levels. This means we can learn to be resilient when times are tough, we can learn to calm down when we’re angry, reassess situations and ultimately make better decisions. Understanding this concept can allow us to take advantage of our own internal wiring, for example:

  • Fear could trigger memories of past failures, rob your attention and focus and undermine your performance, OR it could make you more careful about your decisions, deepen your reflection and create opportunities for changing direction.

  • Sadness could flatten out your mood and demotivate you, OR it could help you reprioritize and motivate you to change your environment.

  • Anger could block your attention and ability to perform, OR it could fuel and motivate you and serve as a reminder of what’s important.

Immerse yourself in nature

There are so many studies that prove that immersing yourself in nature is good for your mental health (here’s one for example). It shouldn’t come as a shock though, right? Being free from digital devices, the smell of the earth and the natural quiet, only interrupted by rustling of leaves by the wind. We feel more relaxed already.

If you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed, you should try to unplug and run a Silent Retreat, where you have only the natural sounds of our world to listen to. Remember to breathe and relax, and you’ll soon become one with your environment, more aware of the sights, sounds and smells of nature. You’ll create a heightened awareness of the natural world. This exercise boosts your overall resilience as it acts as a kind of restoration of energy and reset to your equilibrium.

Run Your Next Event With Wellness In Mind

So here are just a few things you can do to clear your mind, focus on what you want and how you want to get it. By following these things, there is success waiting ahead. All you need to do is grab it.

If you are looking for a perfect place to host your own health and wellness events, consider our beautiful 21 bedroom farm house, right in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales. Fully equipped with dining rooms, conference facilities, accommodation, 2 bars and a sauna, we have everything your next event needs to support the career performance of your clients.

Which sounds great right, but how much does it cost to run a wellness focused event at our venue? To give a concrete answer, we’d need to chat with you about your expectations and requirements. But whilst the answer may be higher than your standard office coworking or meeting space, we’ll be more than happy to show you all of the reasons why choosing High Trenhouse will make your event an unforgettable experience for your clients. One that will leave them and you feeling refreshed and ready to achieve more within your careers.

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