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What Is The Best Length Of A Training Course?

When hosting a corporate training course, once you know what the subject matter is, it can be hard to decide on a number of things. Where should you host the course? How many people should you invite to attend? What resources are required? How will attendees stay engaged? Today, we’re here to address a crucial yet often understated decision when running a corporate training course, the length.

After all, if the length of your training course is too short, your clients won’t receive the value they desire and may not appreciate the value for cost. However, if your course is too long it runs the risk of becoming boring and your clients will soon be wishing they had looked elsewhere. So, let’s dive into how you choose the optimal length for your training course.

Things to consider when running a corporate training course

Let’s say for argument's sake that you’ve decided on the contents of your course. Perhaps you’ve run through it once or twice and you have a good idea on the length. At this stage it’s important to add in some additional reflection and wellness time. Events that run over a whole day or multiple days require appropriate breaks so your clients don’t wear themselves ragged trying to keep up with the learning. By doing so, you can actually increase the pace of your sessions because your clients are going to be feeling more refreshed and energised.

At High Trenhouse, we specialise in those exact wellness focused breaks. Due to our location, in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, we are surrounded by mossy walls, hidden wooden benches and dreamy ponds. So when you do take a break from learning, your clients are going to feel less compelled to browse their phones and more interested in the surrounding beauty of nature. Plus, our highly experienced team will be on hand to run wellness sessions including meditation.

Or perhaps you aren’t sure how long your course should be in the slightest. In that case, the best thing to do is start from the end result. What type of course are you hoping to run and what do you want your clients to walk away with at the end? By starting with the goal, you can take achievable steps backwards until you’ve reached the beginning of the session. Now, with the necessary sessions and wellness time in mind, you have the length of your course.

After doing so, you’re going to want to celebrate of course. High Trenhouse has two fully stocked bars available to accommodate our guests. With 21 bedrooms comfortably hosting up to 28 people, you can be sure that whether there are six of you or 28, you’ll be well taken care of.

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