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What kind of events can you run at High Trenhouse?

One of the most common questions we receive at High Trenhouse is about what type of events we’re set up to run. Typically, due to our location in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, we run retreats for corporate groups or teams with a focus on wellness. We also host weddings in the picturesque woodland setting designed to melt the heart of even the most serious relatives. But the real question is, why should you choose High Trenhouse for your event?

Why Choose High Trenhouse For Your Event?

When you arrive at High Trenhouse, it’s easy to see why so many organisations choose to host their wellness retreats or seminars here. In fact, even if your seminar was a dry, by-the-books affair, just being at High Trenhouse eases you into a sense of relaxation with a focus on wellness. (Although we’re sure your seminar is set to be as valuable as it is successful). After all, we’re established in secluded grounds within the breathtaking Yorkshire Dales and our facilities blend into the rolling hills, mossy walls and local farms that are a mere walk away.

High Trenhouse itself is a converted farm house, fit with 21 bedrooms to sleep as many as 28. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, we have a sauna, dining area, two fully stocked bars and a range of dreamy ponds, hidden benches and even a fire pit. What’s more, we’re equipped with two conferencing facilities designed to keep your guests focused on the seminar or conference at hand, without losing the mindfulness and wellness focused vibe.

At High Trenhouse we understand that you could have hosted your event in a corporate office in a congested city. But instead you chose to travel to the Yorkshire Dales to spend it with us and we’re ready to do everything to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

No matter how many of you arrive at our facilities or with what goals, our highly trained team will be ready to welcome you to this experience. Having run events for over 40 years at High Trenhouse, our team are experts in knowing how to make your event every bit as memorable as you’re hoping it will be. To ease you into relaxation, you’ll find tea & coffee making facilities available to access at any time in either of our two buildings. Enter the bedrooms, and you’ll experience the most cosy and comfortable available. Everything at High Trenhouse was designed to make your experience as relaxing and special as possible.

We’ll See You Soon

By now we’re hoping you’re considering High Trenhouse for your event. Whether it’s a corporate information session, a relaxing wellness retreat or a wedding, we’re here to help.

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