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Why Winter is a great season for a retreat

The Winter season signals a great many warm feelings for many people. If we’re lucky, we’ll be treated to layers of snow and there’ll be merry feelings all around. Winter is not, however, when many people think of hosting a retreat. In some lines of work, the winter season is slower and typically organisations shut things down whilst the rest of the world looks to festivities. So with all that said, how can we recommend Winter as a great season for a retreat? Actually, all of the above is exactly why Winter is the ideal time.

Hosting a retreat in Winter

Whether your typical clientele are corporate or consumer, winter is the perfect time to catch them. Starting with the corporate side of things, other than the standard national holidays, they should be more available than any other time of year. What’s more, few others will be offering retreats at this time of year so if you step in with a great offer at a slow period, you’re already halfway through the door. After all, any boss worth their salt will be looking to treat their teams around the Winter period and a retreat would be the ideal way to do that. Especially if this retreat was hosted at a converted farm house in the stunning Yorkshire Dales. Which is coincidentally where you’ll find High Trenhouse.

That’s the corporate side of things considered, so what about consumers? Around Winter many of your average consumers will be tightening their purses to afford the holiday season. Which again, is the ideal time for you to swoop in with a great offer for the exact type of people that deserve to treat themselves. A retreat any time of year is special, but one in the Winter months adds an extra layer of specialness. Budgets may be a consideration at this stage, but it’s really down to the type of clientele you typically work with and trying to plan something that accommodates their needs.

Another consideration of hosting a retreat in Winter is the weather. The cold can put off a great many people and they may prefer to stay indoors. At High Trenhouse, that’s more than fine. Our thick blankets and fluffy pillows are as welcoming as the hot showers and sauna. If your guests are a little more adventurous and have a warm coat, we have a wide range of exciting and tranquil walks that are made that bit more magical by the frost or snow. After all, the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales is renowned year round. Winter has with it a sense of quietness, which is perfect to reflect on the year that has just passed, and gives space to consider the Spring that is about to come.

Finally, consider the spirituality of Winter. The Winter Solstice is an ancient celebration that has been marked for centuries. People all over the world have recognized this important astronomical occurrence, and we can think of no better place than at High Trenhouse. Other religions and groups might also want to mark important Pagan or Christian traditions in a comfortable setting. Winter marks a transition before Spring, where hibernation and death are followed by birth and new life - a poignant time to let go of the past and prepare for the year ahead.

Choosing High Trenhouse for your retreat

Our 21 bedroom converted farm house, High Trenhouse, is the perfect venue for any winter retreats. Comfortably and cosily sleeping as many as 28 people, our two fully stocked bars, kitchen, sauna, fire pits and 2 available conference rooms make any event special. Plus, for that extra bit of warmth, we serve free tea and coffee throughout your stay.

To find out more about High Trenhouse, get in touch with us today.

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