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It has been more than forty years since High Trenhouse was established, and in that time it has only had two sets of owners. The first owners were John Varney and Bernadette Shutte, who lovingly evolved High Trenhouse from a 1000 acre farm into a residential management centre in the 1980s. This move was inspired by John’s experience in architecture, education and mountaineering, resulting in a peaceful and picturesque environment that allowed visitors to not only host and run events, but do so in an environmentally conscious and spiritually enhancing way. 


In 2022, after decades of dedication towards the property and its incredible ethos, John and Bernadette handed the keys over to Stuart Morris and Jane Setter. Having worked as a wedding and funeral celebrant for more than 20 years, and successfully founding The International College of Professional Celebrants, Stuart brings with him a passion for nurturing, supporting and developing people.


When visiting High Trenhouse, you will also meet operations manager Andrea Graham, she has worked with the staff at High Trenhouse for several years and is a permanent resident at the property. Andrea remains continually committed to meeting and caring for guests who visit.

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