Should you become a Wellness Coach?

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Thinking about becoming a wellness coach or life coach? Perhaps you have landed here because you were searching for 'how to become a coach' online? If so, we can help you to decide if this is the best path for you.

What is a wellness coach?

A coach is someone whose job it is to motivate and support another person or team of people. In the same way a football team has a coach, a person or corporate team might have a coach to set goals, keep them encouraged, and produce better results.

Coaching has been proven to work. In business coaching, there is much evidence that hiring a coach returns a profit. 70% of people who hire a business coach report better performance and job satisfaction. And the results are similar in the wellness industry. 80% of surveyed people said they felt more confident after hiring a wellness coach, whereas 70% said they were having better relationships.

Wellness coaching can cover so many areas. These might include:
 Your physical health and diet
Your relationships and sex life
Your mental health / anxiety / depression
Personal confidence and self esteem
Body image / eating disorders
Alcohol or drug habits
Fitness and exercise
Trauma healing
Much more...
If you think you could be a wellness coach, you might be asking yourself 'What qualifications does a wellness coach need?'


How to become a wellness coach

There are many, many pathways to becoming a wellness coach. You do not need a formal qualification but it certainly helps to have one. You will need to find an accredited coaching course, online or in-person, to learn the coaching basics. You might also benefit from add-on courses in wellness, health sciences or mental health so that you can become an expert in the field wellness.


Should you become a wellness coach?

Demand for wellness coaches is increasing. It is a good time to enter the industry, although you are entering quite a full market. Before you take the plunge, ask yourself if you possess the following skills and attributes to be a wellness coach.
Empathy, compassion and sensitivity
Eagerness to learn and self improve
Willingness to train and continue developing
A great work ethic
Some knowledge of marketing, admin and logistics
Active listening skills
A personal interest in wellness
A willingness to stay up to date with the latest wellness trends and information
Good organisational skills
Good ability to use technology
Friendly manner and persona
Good time management skills
A willingness to work on your own wellness


How do wellness coaches work?

There is much flexibility in the way a wellness coach can work. You could deliver face to face sessions in person at a clinic or hired room. You could do sessions online via zoom. You could hire out a premises (such as High Trenhouse) to deliver whole weekend workshops, or week long courses for groups of people. Or you could teach other coaches how to become wellness coaches. If you like, a big mix of all of the above!


The bottom line

Being a wellness coach takes determination, motivation, patience and a willingness to improve and learn. If you think you have what it takes, find a course that's right for you and launch your new wellness business! If you are looking for a premises to hire for your wellness events, you can rely on High Trenhouse.

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